Monday, November 28, 2011

46 days have dwindled to three. Yet, these are the three longest days of my life. My life? Do I honestly have a life anymore? Is having a life all about hammering away on the keyboard for fourteen hours a day till your fingers ache and back aches and your head feels fit to split like a watermelon? Gah. Must. Not. Crib.
Must. Be. Strong.
Must. Overcome.

On Calvin and Hobbes.

I have not grown up with Calvin and Hobbes. As a child I always made it a point to read Blondie, Garfield and skip Calvin. It did not appeal to my sense of colour, and I couldn't understand much of it anyway. Years later, in college, I got started. I was hooked. I am glad that I discovered Calvin and Hobbes a little late. It is better this way. Even now I never read too many at a go. Why spoil surprises? It's a magical world after all.

I recently came across Watterson's speech, 'SOME THOUGHTS ON THE REAL WORLD BY ONE WHO GLIMPSED IT AND FLED'. Go, read?

'Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you're just a reflection of him?'

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our little blue car

Ma told me yesterday that Baba has finally decided to sell the car. A man from the garage arrived to take it away. I could not say goodbye to our old, blue, second-hand Maruti 800. I don't have a single photo of it either. It arrived one fine day, ten years ago. Baba had bought it without telling us, from a colleague. The car was in fantastic condition. Dada installed a fine stereo system. We went to Millennium Park to celebrate. Bought jaljeera ice-cream, something Walls had introduced that summer. Some days later, we went to Aquatica, Dada had by then learnt to drive a car. It was a thrilling/scary ride. We rode to Krishnanagar in that car, to Kalyani. I remember reading Harry Potter and listening to Kishore on those long trips. I remember heading towards my tuition classes, scribbling down answers for homework submissions, racing against time. The soft velvety seats. The towel thrown over the driver's seat, the cute soft doll that hung from the rear-view mirror, the eagle whose wings wobbled. Stepping out of the car at Howrah, and stepping into Rajdhani on 25th June, 2011.

Aar konodin reverse'e gelei 'Jingle Bells' shona hobe na. :(