Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Khaa, aro khaa! Koto khaabi khaa!

I have been reading a bit. Good, bad, downright trash. (Ruskin Bond, A Suitable BoyHunger Games... Fifty Shades?) Gives me something to do, really, instead of focusing all my energy on harping on and on about being looonely, and being saaaad, and being whiiiiiiiny. Seriously, enough with the whining!
Apart from reading, I have been eating out a lot. Visited Goa Bhawan (Niwas?), had good chicken peri-peri, pork vindaloo, steaming fresh buns... and a dicey dessert called dodol. Went to Banga Bhawan, and had mutton kabiraaji, luchi, mutton kosha, aloor dom, cholaar daal, roshogolla, ityadi. Yum. Panda Wok, as usual, was brilliant. Sauntered by the Czech Embassy, gawked at the huge fishes in Bangla Sahib, refused to climb up and down the stairs at Agrasen ki Baoli, rode home in an auto with a huge bean bag that threatened to suffocate the two of us. Spent one rainy evening in high spirits, with whiskey and peyaaji. Found a choper dokaan, and stuffed myself to the gills. Rambling, this is. But it did rain. And there is a cake shop. With chocolate layers that are sinful. 

I will try to write about something else next time. Not food.