Thursday, March 10, 2011

On a painting.

A sketchbook

cradles you-

a creature,

in corporeal blue

of mystery, misery.

Colour has its own

idiom of loss, pain-

(brown, bleak grey)

of love, imagined

(pink, red)

of love, real

(bruised purple)

of silence, white

of absence, black.

Look in confidence

and find

grainy comfort

(moss, agate, ochre).

My voice


my heart, a rainbow.


The Idiot said...

Love, motherly...

AUROBOROS banerjee said...

delectable crimson.

work out the association.

its beautiful.visually stunning, without incorporating anything remotely more developed than a straight-line image. just colours.lots of lots of colours that lend hue to our 10-5 workingday emotions.