Thursday, November 18, 2010

"The Second Kingdom" (Richard Brautigan)

In the first kingdom
of the stars,
everything is always

Your fingernails
are angels
sleeping after
a long night
of making love. 

The sound of
your eyes: snow
coming down
the stairs
of the wind. 

Your hair
is the color
of God picking

In the second
kingdom of the stars
there is only 



Summertime Blues said...

deeply in love indeed! why not? you can try with bigger lines as ...
in an individual planet the newborn day was softly fallen through my dreams
in a very large instant the colour turn to lightfull green, a sceam, a unexpected kiss
beware the moments on the way, the rumming time, the speachless answers, the mild storm
and, and that s final geit in on to the preset time and happily ever after is a dream coming true!

Anoo. said...

Excuse me?