Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rant alert.


I miss so many bloody things. Like good texts. I don't want to read Dunciad. I want to read Hughes' short stories, but I don't have the time. I don't want to read Tom Jones either. Or Wordsworth or The Heart of Midlothian etc. I miss my speakers, I need some music but I don't have the money to buy new speakers. I miss my iPod but I don't have the money to repair it. I particularly missed Debopama, Sion and Banerjee while solving crossword today. They can solve this stuff within minutes and I can bask in their shared glory. Special mention, Doel: who can not only solves puzzles, but can bake cakes with mousse stuffing. I miss Subhayu, but idiot does not return calls. I miss Subhayu having a room of his own too. Hrmpf. I miss Anwesha, while she goes out of her way to vegetate in her lab. I miss Srabashi, but she is swamped with 'submissions'. I miss Doel's giggles, they can cheer up one and all. I miss Clue-do, Scrabble and biriyani. I miss I miss I miss.

After Ed-pub, as Banerjee says, we must do some Oly-pub.

Rant posts, how I hate them.

[added later]
P.s: I miss Shifu and her puns, but now she won't have pun with me anymore, she says. I miss her chicken curry, she only gets fish these days. Prayag, oh yes, how could I not mention Gay-arp? After the betrayal and "contact" building? Hrmpf. I will expose you, right here.

He has one golden (foot)ball.
He has anterogade amnesia, and as Sion says, has enough guts to read Locke despite a 15-minute memory retention span.
But, he treated me to cold-coffee.

So there, grudging loyalty: He is so-so at Jumbled words. :P

However, I don't miss Prayag. I just miss poking fun at his self-styled-Ghajini-cut.


Riya Das said...

awwwwwwwwww :D this is SO un-anurima. but i'll add to it. i HATE HATE HATE the heat.

Elendil said...

I can come up with 'impotent' :-(

Arse Poetica. said...

let's play locke and key, i read locke-you provide key to locke

Elendil said...

My ghajini is officially gone. I examine it every day in the mirror. Hmph!

Anurima. said...

I don't blame you Prayag, you simply forget what the mirror showed you.

AUROBOROS banerjee said...

looking at a folder/
a file holder/
eyes colder/
not in sync/
with this life in pink/
and green, and other exam-coloured things/
subject to cheap kinks/
as the mind sinks/
to that guttural score/
an unnatural sore/
on bruise on memory/
serves to rekindle that ember/
of the life she once had/
that sad-walled chamber/
of thoughts, locked and sad/
dreams, once sown/
now disowned/
ruins of a memory in the ground/
once lost, again found/
and lost again. the pain of the second wound/
of time. the sad wind chime/
a pantomime/
of your aborted essays/
only if you are looking for your love/
in this looking-glass world/
the more they betray your muted words/
the more they become your sound/
of your soul. of freedom. of you/
once, when you where whole/
and now, where in this land of wasted dreams/
would you search for your sound?/
fragments, figments are now all you have left/
when every thing else of you has drowned.

Anurima. said...

... and that was sort of depressing :D