Monday, July 27, 2009


I loved the new Harry Potter movie. However, for all those who care to know, I am telling you- Draco Malfoy (played by Tom Felton) looks like a teenaged pointy nosed Hrithik Roshan...

Something in those lips and the nose. Look hard.

And well, tell me if it is just in my head... but don't these two look similar too?


[Note: Rictusempra- a charm that tickles the opponent.]


Riya Das said...

hahahahahahahaaaaa.. :D lovely post...
i think ginny looks real bland compared to the description given in the books..

i thought the movie was OK, not great.

ananya chatterjee said...

anu.......true true felton roshan luks kindda ginny monalisa???????????????????? ummmm ok ya well oh well maybe dat 1 is in ur head

ahona said...


Oshtorombha said...

heh. ami cinemata dekhini.
kintu malfoy-hrithik roshan shotti ek rokom dekhte.

Elendil said...

Bah, bah. This is further proof of your eye for faces.

gettingmylifeback said...

I got a crush on felton after watching POA and
afterwards made the connection :P
Hrithik's a bit old for me so tom felton all the wayyy !!!