Saturday, February 7, 2009

Every morning

With a new promise

every morning

I leave

fresh daisies

at your feet.


Thank you

says that little


tucked inside.


I appreciate.

Thank you,

my life is better.

Much love.


Thank you.


Once outside

I wait for

such pleasure words

to stop churning

in my head.


And I wait

for my patience

to fizzle out

while printing

the next note



You bring home sunshine.

Thank you, truly.


If only

I could forget

your address


and let

the daisies 




deepteshpoetry said...
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eden gardens said...

this is rather nice. I mean i like that im reading a bit of bitchiness in the voice. :P

Anupam Verma the obscene poet of night said...

anurima, yours is the first blog i decided to follow. your words, every single one of them, seem to possess two adam's apples. there is fear but that fear is fragrant when it spills out onto the page or in this case, the computer screen. try excavating my blog too. chuckles. excavating ah! i had to use that word for all that it implies.

Anurima. said...

Hey, thanks. Will read your blog soon, I promise. Visit again


Guitar George said...

orre baba

Prospephone said...

You are definitely one of the best poets I know! See the problem is that most people write poetry without realising how much they suck. Take me for example, only I know I suck. Marx said that one of his life's biggest mistakes was to write poetry. But you, you my dear are brilliant!

Riya Das said...

i agree with amrita.. brilliant job..
and yes.. let 'em rot..

Inam said...

Smooth and angry :) Baked in an oven of delight!

ahona said...

If only...