Sunday, November 23, 2008


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first name: Anurima

single or taken: sin...ken.

sex: female

birthday: feb, 21st

siblings: one.

hair colour: black.

shoe size: 5

height: 5'4".

innie or outie: ?

what are you wearing right now: teeshirt, checked pajamas. :-|

righty or lefty: right(y)

can you make a dollar in change right now: no, not really.


who are your closest friends? different people at different points of time. :D

do you have a BF or GF? bee-F

best place to go for a date: walk on a nice evening. near parkstreet, camac-street, free schoolstreet, newmarket.


favourite place to shop: erm... citycentre?

favourite kind of pants: plain bloo jeans.

favourite colour: everything barring the fluorescent neon types.

number(s): 21, 12, 8747738391912877282828...

animal: do fishes qualify?

drink: coffee, rum, appy.

sport(s): suck at it. used to play basketball.

fast food place(s): grub-club, hangout, tibetan delight.

month: pujo'r maash, whenever.

current movie: as in, currently seen? then, Fashion. Didn't like.

juice: pineapple.

finger: ?5 on each hand. each foot too.

breakfast: I don't eat breakfast. I get brunch, which is usually rice and dal.

favourite cartoon character(s): CAPTAIN PLANET!!!! Peter (of Ghostbusters)
**moony-eyed crush-look**

have you ever:

given anyone a bath? no.

smoked? yes.

bungee-jumped? no.

made yourself throw up? yes.

gone skinny dipping? no.

eaten a hot dog? YES! monginis.

put your tongue on a frozen pole? NO.

loved someone so much it made you cry? yes.

broken a bone? nah.

played truth-or-dare? yes yes, got beaten up too. :]

been in a police car? no.

been on a plane? yes.

been in a sauna? no.

been in a hot tub? no.

gone swimming in the ocean? snorkelled. does that count? (Arabian Sea)

fallen asleep in school? eeeeeyes. Chemistry classes during +2.

ran away? never.

broken someone's heart? I don't know.

cried when someone died? yes.

cried in school? yes (as a direct consequence of an ill-timed dare-execution).

fallen off your chair? I sprang up on my feet when the chair crumbled into pieces. That was during a mathematics tuition. Sir was in awe. 'Bah tumi toh besh agile', he said.

sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call? kept the phone beside me, yes.

saved e-mails? starred them i guess :P

fallen for one of your best friends? nah

made out with JUST a friend? nope

used someone? maybe

been cheated on? nope

what is...

your good luck charm? nervousness. no, really.

the best song you ever heard? Not the best song ever, but one of my best, Take this Waltz by Cohen.

the stupidest thing you have ever done? fallen for my brother's best friend and fed him food i bought etc. very stupid.

what's your room like? shared with dada. red and blue. ordinary.

the last thing you said? 'I am studying, you sleep' to dada. :P

what is beside you? Mrs. Dalloway

the last thing you ate? BadBad biyebari food.

what kind of shampoo do you use? dove.

the best thing that has happened to you this year? Lao :P

the worst thing that has happened to you this year?

have you had..

chicken pox? yes.

sore throat? everyone has sore throats. hah.

stitches? no.

broken nose? no.

do you

believe in love at first sight? nope.

like picnics? building-picnics. :D

like school? YESSSS. not all the teachers though.

would you/what is

eat a live hamster for $1,000,000 : what?!

if you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with you? Friday

who was the last person that called you? Subhayu. See, we don't have a life. We call each other and amuse ourselves. 24x7.

who was the last person you slow-danced with? I cannot dance. CANNOT. childhood trauma :|

what makes you laugh the most? Welltimed jokes? pranks? the usual khilli.

what makes you smile? poetry. music. friends.

who is the last person

you yelled at? I can't yell.

who broke your heart? Erm.

who told you they loved you? :D

who is your loudest friend? PRIAAAAA.

do you/are you:

do you like filling these out? Nope

do you wear glasses or contacts? none.

do you like yourself? Yes, I am in awe.

do you get along with your family? Immediate family? YES. branches? only if i keep my mouth shut.

stolen anything over $50? i stole stickers once. returned them too. :P

obsessive? sometimes.

compulsive? sometimes.

anorexic? no.

suicidal? no.

schizophrenic? no.

love life

do you have a crush? used to.

if so, does he or she know? maybe.

have you truly told him or her how you feel, face to face? no.

how did he or she respond? -

what is so great about him or her? he was different. but yes, different is not always nice. ;)

this or that

coffee or tea: tea.

phone or in person: both. add gtalk and smses too.

are you oldest, middle, youngest or only child: youngest.

indoor or outdoor: depends.

final questions

how many people are you sending this to: Pria, will you?

what are you listening to right now? Tori Amos, Caught a Light Sneeze

what did you do yesterday? SLEPT.

where do you want to get married? somewhere peaceful, without too many lights and people and cackle and hassle.

if you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? lethargylazinesssleepinessfatness

are you a good driver? can't drive.

are you a good singer? no.

what do you dream about? people i know, but i don't really think about much during the day. :S

Yes, I reviewed my answers. I did.
Please spare me the trauma of asking me to get a life.
Thank you.


saptarshi said...

Man Friday? Na woman Friday? :P

Anurima. said...

MANfriday :D

Jadis said...

LMAO!!! Awesome.
I be the loudest yes?? :x
Mawja dekhachi dara. xD


Guitar George said...

contrary to popular belief, i do have a life thank you!!


Anurima. said...

@jadis: jaa tag korlam. tor loudest friend ke hoye dekhe nebo!

@geetargorge: -sticks out tongue-