Tuesday, December 19, 2006

here goes nothing...

Perhaps I should have written this down in the first entry itself…but then, my exams were on and I seemed to be in a perpetual hurry to finish ‘this’ or revise ‘that’ and hence I got nowhere. Blog-wise or exam-wise.
Shailpik’s ‘beginning’ had been rather instrumental in my realizing that a concrete introduction to a blog is always welcome and is helpful too. So, here goes nothing!

One of my favourite poems, written by Percy Bysshe Shelley, is called ‘The Serpent is Shut Out From Paradise’- and hence I named this blog ‘shut out from paradise’… the ‘serpent’ part has been excluded for obvious reasons! The following lines confirmed my choice quite easily:

“I asked her yesterday if she believed
That I had resolution. One who had
Would ne’er have thus relieved
His heart with words…”

My entries can seldom be expected to be regular; it does take a long time to write stories. The ideas come often enough…but I’m rather slow when it comes to typing. I am never satisfied with the outcome, and almost rip the entire story apart trying to edit it. Reasons enough, I guess, to convince my readers that I need time to put up new entries. And all of the above has just been a rather lousy cover-up… I’m plain LAZY.

Well, contrary to my own expectations this entry has been rather short. I’m not in a mood to get profound, and thus I’ll take my leave- promising to put up a prose piece as soon as possible.

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Lost Poet said...

Happy that you mention me in here. Happy, that my blog has at least served one meaningful purpose. But then again it is quite new. Not even a full month old.

It is nice to read ur introduction. Looking forward to those stories. And don't worry bout being plain lazy... you are not the only one in blogger'sphere ^_^

One practical tip which might help you out - if you want to increase your typing speed, type regularly. Kinda obvious but most people don't do it. Heavy typing exercises like typing out entire paragraphs daily help a lot. You can draft your stories right on the blog and practice your typing. As for your revising; editing and proof reading; save the post as a draft first and do those endlessly till you're satisfied!!! :D


P.S. - Thank you for your comment on 'Numb'.